Why Is Finnish Healthcare Better Than Other Countries?

Finns are among the best in terms of quality of life. Also, by many standards, Finland’s healthcare system is unparalleled and ranks 31st in the world by the World Health Organization.

Several factors indicate that the Finnish healthcare system is successful. In the past few decades, life expectancy has increased significantly due to public health efforts and advances in medical care. In 2012, female life expectancy was 84 years, and male life expectancy was 78 years, placing Finland favorably in international comparisons. Due to research on CVD and anemia (low hemoglobin levels), baby and mother death rates are low.

Distinctive Features of Finland’s Healthcare System

Finland’s National Health Insurance System collects taxes from residents and workers to fund its healthcare system. The scheme covers medical, dental, and travel expenditures to receive care. The healthcare system has primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. You can check for companies providing healthcare services on ReviewsBird, read out their reviews, and then decide which one is the best. Following are some unique elements that make the Finland healthcare system stand out from others.

Public Health Care System

Finland’s public healthcare system categorizes illnesses by severity. Most ailments belong to primary health, whereas more urgent cases need secondary and tertiary care. Municipalities organize and fund public health care in Finland.

Private Health Care System

Private health services provide a quarter of Finland’s social and health benefits. Private service providers, such as firms, independent practitioners, organizations, and foundations, may sell to municipalities, joint municipal authorities, or direct clients. Private providers offer primary and specialty care. In Finland, private health services are partly subsidized by public subsidies through Kela.

Pharmacies in Finland

In Finland, you can’t buy medicine anywhere. Only pharmacies can sell drugs nationwide. Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) licenses and monitors these pharmacies in Finland.

Best Expat Health Insurance in Finland

The high-quality healthcare and health insurance in Finland are worth a visit. Consider getting foreign health insurance to make your stay in Finland easier. For immediate medical assistance in Finland, foreign nationals can contact 112.

Finland’s Global Health Insurance Plan Advantages

If you’d prefer not to use the public system, you can use your KELA card in a private clinic. Patients must pay medical bills upfront and then seek reimbursement.

Finnish Healthcare and Saunas

Finns’ physical and emotional health depend on saunas. 99% of Finns enjoy at least one sauna session per week. Saunas alleviate colds, congestion, depression, and cardiovascular issues. Locals may recommend a sauna session to expats with painful muscles or working stress.

Society’s Changing Attitudes and Behaviors

Finland has set a goal of becoming a smoke-free nation by 2040 to eliminate associated health and social concerns. The country will increase tobacco taxes to accomplish this. Alcohol use is another area where the government is making an effort. They are reducing alcohol use to ensure better health for their people. A state monopoly limits grocery stores to selling 5.5% alcohol by volume.

Final Thoughts

Finnish healthcare isn’t free. Taxes and patient fees fund public healthcare. In modern, comfortable facilities, patients can anticipate comprehensive, considerate care. Overall, the healthcare system in Finland is appreciable. However, wait times are an issue in the public health care system. Obtaining a routine appointment, for example, can take weeks.